Matcha Magic-Certified organic-gluten-free-vegan

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Discover our new sugar-reduced product highlight with that extra bit of matcha!

Organic Matcha Superfood Drink

Sugar-reduced and invigorating superfood drink with an extra portion of matcha! 

Our vegan organic matcha superfood drink is one of ours new product highlights and particularly impresses with its Extra portion of matcha. For him we use Exclusively Japanese organic matcha powder and no tea extractThis way you benefit from the advantages of the whole green tea leaf.

In addition, our superfood drink is reduced sugar, With only 4,9g / 100ml he has less than half the sugar of comparable drinks! The taste impresses Naturally cloudy superfood drink thanks to its characteristic matcha taste and fruity mango and citrus nuances.

Matcha has about five times more caffeine than coffee and is therefore an ideal source of energy. Since the matcha caffeine is bound to tannins during metabolism, acts es stimulating for hours without getting excitedas can often be the case with increased coffee consumption.


Buy Organic Matcha Superfood Drinks – Your Benefits Matcha Magic

  • ORIGIN: Original organic matcha from Japan
  • QUALITY: Organic premium quality without preservatives
  • CULTIVATION: Ztwo-step shading of the tea bushes before harvest and sgentle grinding to fine matcha powder
  • BIO: 100% organic from controlled organic cultivation (organic certification by the organic inspection body: DE-ÖKO-022)
  • TASTE: Naturally cloudy with a characteristic green tea taste and fruity mango-citrus taste nuances
  • CONSUMPTION: We recommend shaking the Matcha Superfood Drink slightly before drinking it so that the Matcha powder is well distributed. Then simply enjoy it neat and, best of all, well chilled!
  • STORAGE: 6 organic matcha superfood drink cans à 250ml (incl. 25 cents deposit fee per can)

    Order now and get to know the invigorating alternative to conventional energy drinks!

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