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Japanese handicraft from Gifu Prefecture

This unusual Matcha bowl called "Mito" stands out from other Matcha bowls with its eye-catching trapezoidal shape (Ido shape) and is a real eye-catcher in traditional Japanese aesthetics thanks to its special running glaze. The Matcha bowl "Mito" comes from a well-known Japanese studio in Minu. Minu is a region in the Japanese prefecture of Gifu, which is particularly known for the production of high quality Matcha bowls and has a very long tradition. Artful stoneware and porcelain were already being produced in Mino in the 11th century.

Matcha bowls differ from other teacups in particular by their flat base, which is particularly useful during preparation, i.e. when foaming the Matcha powder. Matcha bowls are also thicker-walled to keep the temperature of the Matcha teas to keep constant longer.

Each of these Matcha bowls is turned on a potter's wheel and provided with a special glaze, which means that each product is truly unique. Thus, each bowl is unique in shape and design. The Matcha bowl "Mitu" is in ours Matcha online shop following color variations available:

  • Dark green with lightly contrasting structures
  • Cream colored with a subtle pattern
  • Tone-colored with a sand-colored pattern
  • Black with white elements
  • Black bowl with brightly colored areas

All bowls have a diameter of approx. 12,5 cm, a height of approx. 8 cm and a capacity of approx. 350 ml.

Matcha bowl in the original Japanese design

Origin: Japan (Gifu Prefecture)
Studio: Handcrafted in the Japanese studio in Mino
Shape: Ido shape
Color & Glaze: See pictures
Dimensions: height approx. 8 cm, diameter approx. 12,5 cm
Weight: approx 270 grams
Capacity: approx. 350ml

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