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Excellent premium quality for the classic tea ceremony

Best organic matcha from Japan with an unmistakable umami taste

The bio Matcha Horizon is the highest quality matcha tea from our house And because of its outstanding quality, it is only used by connoisseurs for the classic tea ceremony. This matcha is Especially in Japan it is an extremely sought-after rarity and can only be obtained via detours, because the yield of this premium quality is strictly limited.

With our Matcha organic premium tea only the top and finest tea leaves (single origin) from the first harvest (first flush) picked by hand and on traditional granite stone mills according to old craftsmanship to the finest matcha tea powder ground.

The taste is convincing Matcha Horizon by full umami without bitterness with at the same time the greatest naturalness and one gently lovely Footnotes to the story.


Biography Matcha Horizon buy – your benefits at a glance

  • ORIGIN: Original organic matcha from the Japanese prefecture of Kagoshima
  • QUALITY: Excellent organic premium quality (first flush and single origin) with an intense, deep green color for the traditional tea ceremony
  • CULTIVATION: Ztwo-step shading of the tea bushes before harvest and sgentle grinding on traditional granite stone mills
  • BIO: 100% organic from controlled organic cultivation (organic certification by the organic inspection body: DE-ÖKO-022)
  • TASTE: Exquisite taste with gently sweet taste nuances
  • PREPARATION: Pure enjoyment as Koicha (green mocha with approx. 50ml water) or Usucha (milder variant with approx. 200ml water)
  • STORAGE: Available in the resealable 30g aroma protection jar for lasting taste and quality

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