Matcha innovations

In our assortment you will find various Matcha teas also a delicious mix for Matcha latte, practical Matcha capsules , or Matcha Energy Drink, which in terms of taste stands out from conventional energy drinks, especially due to its fruity mango-citrus taste.

Two new product highlights await you in our range. As one of the first providers, we have compostable ones Matcha capsaber auch Hojicha caps and Sencha Caps developed that are suitable for all Nespresso®-compatible machines! In addition, our Matcha Needles the possibility of preparing a classic matcha tea like a normal tea with up to 5 infusions.

Buy matcha latte in organic quality. Online at, your online shop for matcha tea.

Matcha latte

Our vegan organic matcha latte mix from the Japanese prefecture of Aichi is a pure natural product without any additives and consists of high quality organic matcha  and Coconut Blossom Sugarwhich is particularly rich in minerals.

The organic Matcha Latte Mix can be prepared with cow or plant milk and is not only ideal for matcha lattes and smothies, but also very well for mixing hot and cold beverages suitable. 

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Matcha dietary supplement with Pure Nature Matcha capsules with organic Matcha from Matcha Magic.

Matcha capsules

The little capsules aren't just that Biography and vegan, but a pure natural product without further additives.

The Matcha capsules are with 300mg shaded and ground organic matcha Green tea powder filled and can be used as a natural food supplement.

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Matcha Energy Drink buy from MatchMagic - Organic certified available in our Matcha online shop.

Matcha Energy Drink

Our bio Matcha Energy Drink is the world's first energy drink with organic matcha tea.

Our organic differs in taste Matcha Energy Drink from the conventional, often artificially tasting energy drinks, especially because of its fruity mango-citrus taste.

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Matcha superfood drink

Our vegan organic superfood drink is one of ours new product highlights.

Compared to conventional, often artificially tasting energy drinks, it is particularly impressive naturally cloudy character, seine Extra portion of matcha and delicious mango-citrus flavor nuances.

And the best: Our new Matcha Superfood Drink is also still reduced sugar!

Matcha Needles by  Matcha Magic - Pressed matcha powder for multiple tea infusions

Matcha Needles

Our Matcha Needles from Japanese organic Matcha offer all the advantages of a conventional Matcha preparation and that without any bamboo whisk.

As with other types of tea, the Matcha Needles up to 5 infusions possible. Simply pour 1 to 2 level teaspoons of 80 ° C hot water over it, let it steep for 1 minute and stir briefly.

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Matcha Magic Caps - Nespresso Compatible Matcha Capsules 100& Bio from Japan im Matcha Magic Online-Shop

Nespresso Matcha Caps

Matcha has never been so quick to prepare! With just one push of a button you can now get one in seconds delicious matcha with the finest, emerald green foam prepare. Simply put the Nespresso Matcha Caps in your Nespresso® coffee machine and enjoy!

There are in every pack ten Nespresso Matcha Capsthat with each 1,5g organic matcha powder from Japan are filled.

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Organic Hojicha Caps from Matcha Magic - Nespresso compatible green tea capsules.

Nespresso Hojicha Caps

The gentle roasting process of the green tea leaves brings that unique spicy Hojicha taste emerge. The preparation is guaranteed to be successful even for laypeople! The Hojicha caps just leave it in the Nespresso machine and Brew up to 3x.

The compostable Caps are Nespresso® compatible and therefore fit in all Nespresso® machines.

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Biography Sencha caps from Matcha Magic - Nespresso compatible green tea capsules.

Nespresso Sencha Caps

Sencha Japanese organic green teawho with our compostable Sencha Caps easy and convenient in Nespresso® compatible Machines can be prepared. This guarantees the ideal brewing temperature and the perfect amount of tea.

A capsule left in the machine can be brewed at least 3 times, just like green leaf tea can be infused several times.

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