Matcha tea accessories

For the perfect preparation of your Matcha tea, you not only need a good tea, but also the right Matcha accessories. We tie in with that Japanese traditions and offer a selection Original Matcha accessories. You not only get tea from us for the preparation of tea Matcha bowls or Matcha bamboo whisk, but also Matcha broom holder and Matcha Spoons as Matcha accessories as well as practical Matcha sets at a special price.

Buy matcha tea sets online - At Matcha Magic you will find lovingly put together matcha sets that contain everything you need for a traditional Japanese tea ceremony

Matcha sets

Buying our Matcha Set is twice as worthwhile for you. You just don't get finest Matcha productswhich we select with the greatest care, but also an attractive price advantage.

Compared to the individual purchase of the products, our Matcha Sets promise you up to 35 percent price advantage! This makes choosing our set even more fun.

There is one in every Matcha tea set original Japanese organic Matcha tea, the typical Japanese Matcha bowl as well as a Matcha broom, broom holder and spoon included.

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Buy matcha bowls online - the flavor of the tea can only really develop in the matcha bowl. Drink your tea according to typical Japanese tradition.

Matcha bowls

Matcha bowls are a indispensable part in the preparation of Matcha tea and really bring out the fine taste of the tea

The often uneven and slightly wavy edge that unusual shapes and color gradients the Matcha bowls reflect the beauty of natural imperfection, which is called Wabi Sabi in Japan.

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Matcha broom made of bamboo for the preparation of matcha tea

Matcha brooms

Matcha tea is prepared according to Japanese tradition with a bamboo whisk.

By whipping the powder in the water, the Matcha whisk creates a intense green tea with a very special aroma. In order to be able to enjoy the matcha tea properly, you should therefore not do without the matcha broom.

This little one shapely brooms shall from bamboo produced. He owns a total of 80 fine bristles and is called Chasen in his homeland.

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Buy Matcha broom holders in the Matcha Magic online shop.

Matcha broom holder

The Matcha broom holder becomes traditionall made from porcelain and is called "Chasentate" in Japan.

He's not just one practical utensil for storing the Matcha broom, but he also contributes to the fact that he maintains his typical shape and his Bristles spared become. This makes the Matcha broom special more durable.

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MATCHA BAMBOO SPOON by Matcha Magic, ideal for dosing Matcha powder

Matcha spoon

The matcha spoon is approx. 18 cm long and will traditionally made by hand. The bamboo spoon, which is also called chashaku in Japan, is the traditional tool for the optimal dosage of the matcha powder.

Due to its narrow shape, the bamboo spoon is ideal for taking the Matcha powder out of the tea caddy and for the to dose the right amount of tea for the preparation of your matcha.

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