Matcha tea - questions & answers


    What is matcha?

    Matcha is a very high quality green tea that has been ground to a very fine powder. It is mainly grown in Japan. Here you will find out more.

      How does matcha taste?

      The taste is similar to ordinary green tea, but, depending on the quality and preparation, tastes slightly grassy, ​​sweet and hardly bitter. 

        How do I prepare matcha?

        In our blog entry you will find everything you need to know about Matcha preparation

        Which matcha is right for me?

        Here there is an overview with all our Matcha varieties and their quality, taste and application.

          Where does the matcha come from Matcha Magic?

          Our matcha comes from Japan, from the prefectures of Kagoshima, Aichi and Miyazaki.

          What about Fukushima, is the Matcha contaminated?

          No, the prefectures where our Matcha and Benifuuki are grown are up to 1600 km away. Every delivery is strictly controlled.

          Is there a difference between matcha from Japan and matcha from Thailand, Taiwan, Korea or China?

          Yes, and these differences are very serious:
          With Matcha from Japan, the tender top sprouts are picked during harvest and gently steamed as quickly as possible and then gently dried. This is similar with Matcha from Thailand, Taiwan, Korea or China, only there the tea leaves are not gently steamed to stop fermentation, but the tea leaves are heated in large pans over the fire. This process destroys most of the important ingredients.
          Matcha from Japan is traditionally made from the green tea varieties Tencha and partly also from Gyokuro through further processing. During further processing, only the leaf parts are used and not the stalks or veins. Tea that is not made from Tencha is called Konacha (Japanese粉茶, powder tea). Tencha (Japanese: 点茶 whipped tea) is mostly young tea that is shaded about three to six weeks before harvest. As with other shadow teas, more caffeine, amino acids and certain bitter substances develop in the plant. Matcha from Thailand, Taiwan, Korea or China is mostly Micro Cha. This is "Matcha" made from whole tea leaves (i.e. with stems and veins), from (unshaded) Sencha, or from (semi-shaded) Kabusecha. Strictly speaking, this is not real matcha, but tea powder.
          With Matcha from Japan, in the subsequent processing step, the Tencha is gently and slowly ground in granite or stone mills to prevent the temperature from rising above 30C ° (otherwise the important ingredients are destroyed) until a very fine and bright light green powder is created . This step takes a lot of time - about only 30 g in an hour (!) - and also explains part of the high manufacturing costs. Matcha from Thailand, Taiwan, Korea or China is mostly ground in industrial metal mills, these become too hot and destroy other ingredients.

            Is Matcha Healthy?

            According to EU law, we are not allowed to provide information on health effects. Please find out about it elsewhere.

              How should I store Matcha?

              Preferably airtight in a refrigerator. This is how flavors and nutrients are retained the longest.

                How long can matcha keep?

                Our products usually have a best before date of more than 1,5 years. After opening, the longer you keep Matcha, the more the freshness of the powder suffers. A guideline is around 30 days. During this time you can store Matcha with adequate storage without losing freshness.

                  Is matcha vegan?

                  Yes, Matcha is 100% vegan.

                  Is matcha gluten free?

                  Yes, matcha is 100% gluten-free.

                      Why is matcha so expensive?

                      Matcha is grown by only a few tea farmers in Japan. The manufacturing process is very complex and the tea is only harvested once a year. For example, for 30g Matcha, the tea leaves have to be ground in special granite mills for one hour. Furthermore, only about 4% of Japan's total annual harvest is exported.

                      Can I put the contents of my Matcha capsules in a drink / smoothie?

                      Yes. The capsules can be opened without hesitation (unscrew the capsule) and the contents can either be whipped open or added to a drink. For example, some customers put the capsules including the capsule skin in the smoothie mixer. The capsule dissolves in liquid and can also be drunk.

                      Can I use the Magic Caps in every Nespresso® Use machine?

                      Yes, our Nespresso® Capsules fit in every Nespresso® Machine that use normal Nespresso capsules. they fit CAN'T in a Nespresso Vertuo Machine! After a coffee has been prepared, we recommend letting it run through once empty (without a capsule). This allows the taste of the tea capsule to develop optimally.

                      Has the Nespresso® Machine the right temperature for the Magic Caps?

                      Yes, the Nespresso® Machine brews at about 80 degrees. Ideal for our matcha caps!

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