Matcha accessories

Discover our high-quality Matcha accessories now. At Matcha Magic you will find sets put together with love, Matcha bowls and the right utensils for preparing Matcha.

Discover our Matcha accessories

For the perfect preparation of your Matcha tea, you not only need a good tea, but also the right Matcha accessories. We build on Japanese traditions and offer a selection of original Matcha accessories. You can get bowls, brooms, broom holders and spoons as Matcha accessories for tea preparation. The bowls, brooms and spoons are small masterpieces because they are still made by hand.

For the right taste development

Of course, when we enjoy a matcha tea, we want it to develop its full aroma. For this we offer you the Chawan as an important Matcha accessory. Due to its shape, the typical Matcha bowl offers enough space to open the tea. Since Matcha is the finest powder, the powder is whipped up with the Chasen, the Matcha broom. This Matcha accessory is also made by hand. This special form of preparation gives the tea its typical frothy consistency and a nice, creamy head.

Care for your Matcha accessories properly

Surely you want to use your Matcha accessories for a long time. In order for this to be possible, you need to take proper care of it. That's how you wash it Matcha brooms thoroughly after each application. The 80 fine bristles then have to dry properly so that they don't deform. For this you should use a special broom holder, which you can also find in our Matcha accessories. During drying, the broom is optimally ventilated so that it dries gently.

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