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Matcha is a top-class superfood that provides you with high-quality ingredients such as antioxidants, amino acids and vitamins. Matcha Magic has specialized in the development of high-quality organic Matcha products. We import our tea directly from Japan and can guarantee you excellent quality at fair prices thanks to our long-standing business relationships with local organic tea farmers. If you would like to buy matcha tea, you will certainly find what you are looking for in our online shop, as we have a wide range.

you wonder what is important when buying matcha tea?

We have you on this page everything worth knowing about the origin, production and storage as well as the differences in quality and the different variants and purposes  summarized:

Buy Matcha tea - What you should definitely pay attention to

Matcha is green tea ground into a fine powder that originated in Japan and is used in the Japanese tea ceremony. The tea inspires with a strong color and a good taste. Tea has recently become a trend drink. However, it can not only be drunk pure, it is also suitable for cooking and baking. Similar to coffee, the tea can be drunk in different variations, for example as a matcha latte. Unfortunately, there are now many suppliers who buy cheap, inferior matcha tea and then resell it cheaply. So that you can enjoy your tea, you should pay attention to the following things when buying matcha tea:

Origin and production - important aspects when buying matcha tea

If you want to buy matcha tea, they play origin and manufacture an important role. You make a good decision when buying Matcha tea with a tea that 100 percent organic is and exclusively from Japan comes from, because you can rely on a long tradition and expertise in cultivation as well as on quality. With organic qualities, care is taken to ensure that the tea fields are cultivated without pesticides, herbicides or genetic engineering. The tea is picked and processed under the strictest biological monitoring. So that there is no loss of quality, attention is paid to short distances during processing.

The tea from Matcha Magic is therefore absolutely free of harmful substances. This is particularly important because you are not using a tea bag when enjoying Matcha tea, but are consuming the entire tea leaf (more precisely the leaf flesh) in finely ground form. Only the youngest leaves are used to produce the finest, high-quality green tea powder. They are still picked by hand. Precisely because quality is our top priority, you will only find high-quality organic Matcha from Japan in our range.

Quality differences in matcha tea

In our opinion, when buying matcha tea, the focus should definitely be on quality. Since the term "Matcha" is not a protected term and only means "ground tea", you should make sure that where Matcha is on the label, there is really good Matcha in it. Differences in the quality of tea arise, for example, from the cultivation area and the time of picking. For high-quality Matcha, which is particularly suitable for a tea ceremony, you should make sure when buying Matcha tea that the tea comes from an early plucking, because then only the fresh, young tea leaves were used for the tea. It is then more intense and aromatic in taste and less bitter. The degree of shading also has a decisive influence on the quality. The shading promotes the accumulation of various ingredients such as chlorophyll or theine and has a positive effect on the taste. The more the tea has been shaded, the more aromatic its taste and the more intense its color. The taste and quality are also determined by processing and storage. If the tea is quickly packed in an airtight container, oxidation by atmospheric oxygen can be avoided, as a result of which the tea quickly loses quality.

Multiple uses for Matcha

If you want to buy Matcha tea and take a look around, you will quickly find that Matcha is not just Matcha. The tea differs not only in its quality, but also in its purpose.

Buy matcha tea for pure enjoyment

If you value pure enjoyment, then you should buy Matcha tea, which is offered in the highest quality and is particularly suitable for drinking thanks to its fine nuances of taste pure as tea to be drunk. Depending on your personal taste, you can also choose different flavors from the teas. If you didn't like green tea, for example, because the taste was always too bitter for you, then you can convince yourself of the opposite with Matcha and buy Matcha tea, which has a milder and gentler taste.

For pure enjoyment, we recommend our teas from the sun-intensive Japanese prefecture of Kagoshima, which is known for the extremely high quality of its organic matcha:

  • Matcha Gourmet: Aromatic and slightly tart taste nuances with a balanced green color
  • Matcha Samurai: Intense, lovely note and jade green color
  • Matcha Tenno: fresh, soft, slightly sweet note and deep green, balanced coloring
  • Matcha Horizon: soft, lovely note and intense, deep green coloring

The above variants are particularly suitable for pure enjoyment as Koicha (green mocha, where the tea is infused with approx. 50ml water) or Usucha (the slightly milder variant with more than 200ml water)

Buy matcha tea for cooking and baking

Finally, you can also buy matcha tea, which is special Cook and bake suitable is. Qualities that have a more intense taste and also convince with their good price-performance ratio are particularly recommended for this. Our matcha teas from the Japanese prefecture of Aishi are particularly suitable for use in the kitchen due to their strong and intense taste. With just a few grams, you can give dishes the typical Matcha aroma and the bright green Matcha green when cooking and baking. We recommend here:

  • Matcha Gourmet: Aromatic and slightly tart taste nuances with a balanced green color
  • Matcha X: Intense green tea flavor
  • Matcha Zen: Aromatic bitter green tea taste

These variants are suitable for stirring into quark and yoghurt, for making ice cream, for savory dishes, but also for cookies and other baked goods.

You can find recipes in our Matcha Recipes Blog. Here we show you, for example, how to bake delicious Matcha cookies or a delicious Matcha cheesecake with a biscuit base. In addition to unusual recipe ideas such as “French Matcha Crepes with strawberry quark and chia seeds”, you will also find simple recipes for a Matcha Chia pudding or a delicious Matcha iced tea.

Buy matcha tea for mixed drinks

You can also buy matcha tea, which is great for blending into drinks like matcha lattes, milkshakes, smoothies, and fruit juices.

We particularly recommend ours for this Matcha Gourmet, which stands out due to its strong, tart and aromatic taste. This matcha comes from the Japanese prefecture of Aishi and gives hot and cold mixed drinks the typical matcha aroma with just 1-2 grams.

What else should be considered when buying matcha tea

In order for you to be really satisfied with your tea, you should not only buy the right Matcha tea, but also buy it store properly. This is the only way to prevent the tea from losing its aroma and ingredients. Well sealed and stored in the refrigerator, the tea stays fresh and lasts longer. In our online shop you can buy matcha tea that is in aroma protection packaging and is therefore well protected against loss of quality.