Lovingly put together Matcha sets

For the traditional preparation and the complete enjoyment of your favorite Matcha tea, the right accessories should of course not be missing. In order to prepare the Matcha tea according to all the rules of the art, we therefore particularly recommend one for beginners Matcha setas this is not just the complete Matcha accessories, so Matcha bowl, Matcha brooms, Matcha broom holder and Matcha spoonbut also one of ours original Japanese organic Matcha teas contains.

In addition, you can clearly with our Matcha sets save compared to the individual price of the products!

Matcha tea set: For your personal enjoyment or as a gift idea

Matcha is rich in valuable vitamins and important antioxidants. Because of this composition, it is considered a superfood. We have come up with something special so that drinking matcha tea can fully develop its positive effect. At Matcha Magic you will find a lovingly put together matcha tea set. Everything you need for a typical Japanese tea ceremony is included here.

Our matcha set is worth twice as much

For you, the purchase of our Matcha Set is doubly worthwhile. You not only receive the finest Matcha products, which we select with the greatest care, but also an attractive price advantage. This makes choosing our set even more fun. Included in every matcha tea set is the typical matcha bowl, known as chawan in Japan.

Enjoy the finest matcha tea

So that Matcha tea can develop its aroma optimally, you need in addition to the Matcha bowl also a matcha spoon. Our matcha set includes a special bamboo spoon, the chashaku at. Due to the natural material, it does not falsify the taste of the tea and also makes it easier for you to use the right dosage. Of the hand made brooms, which you can find in our Matcha tea set, has fine bristles. These bristles ensure optimal preparation of your favorite tea. So that you can enjoy your Matcha broom for a long time, our set also includes a special broom holder included. 

The Matcha set accessories at a glance

But what does a Matcha set actually contain and why do you need these accessories for the traditional Japanese Matcha tea ceremony? We introduce you to the accessories that are classically included in a Matcha set.

The classic Matcha set consists of a Matcha tea, a Matcha bowl and a Matcha broom, the matching broom holder and a Matcha spoon. We present these to you here in detail:

The matcha tea in your matcha set

Each matcha set contains one original japanese Organic matcha Tea, which is delivered in a practical aroma protection box. As the direct importer of the largest matcha producers in the world, we can offer you one special exclusive price advantage and a large selection of Japanese organic Matcha teas in different quality and taste variants Offer.

    The mud bowl (Japanese: Chawan)

    The focus of the Matcha set is the  Matcha bowl, through whose special shape the tea can really develop its full taste and the specialty of Matcha tea comes into its own. Due to the flat bottom of the bowl and the wide opening, the Matcha tea can be whipped particularly well with the enclosed bamboo whisk, so that the Matcha tea develops an appealing head. Other special features and advantages compared to conventional bowls are in particular the following features of the Chawan:

    • Exceptional feel with soft, wavy or asymmetrical structures
    • A multitude of different shapes, patterns and color gradients that differ depending on their origin and style
    • An irregularly shaped bowl rim, which in the sense of Wabi Sabi, is reminiscent of the mountainous landscape of Japan
    • A particularly thick outer wall, which protects the Matcha tea from cooling down quickly

    The Matcha bamboo whisk (Japanese: Chasen)

    To whip the tea, the Matcha tea set comes with a handmade one Matcha bamboo whisk with the help of which the tea gets its frothy-creamy consistency and its appealing head. This works through the 80 fine bristles the bamboo broom and its curved shape.

    The Matcha broom holder (Japanese: Chasentate)

    So that the Matcha bamboo whisk retains its shape and is not damaged, it should be placed on a Matcha Broom holder because it is well ventilated there and can dry gently after use. The Matcha broom holder is used for this to ensure a long shelf life of your Matcha broom and is therefore a useful addition to the Matcha set.

    The Matcha bamboo spoon (Japanese: Chashaku)

    Another classic utensil in the Matcha tea set is the Matcha bamboo spoon, which is made of bamboo and is used for the optimal dosage of the Matcha tea. With it you can dose the matcha powder as you wish and vary the strength of your favorite tea according to your taste.

    Matcha tea sets as a fancy gift idea

    Do you have a tea lover in your circle of acquaintances who you want to give special pleasure or who has not yet immersed in the wonderful world of matcha tea?

    With our tea gift sets you not only give away tea, but a very special tea experience. The Japanese tea ceremony is currently very much in vogue and offers an excellent opportunity for daily relaxation and inner reflection in our fast-moving times. Our Matcha tea sets are delivered in an attractive and practical gift box and contain everything you need for a traditional Matcha tea ceremony.

    All advantages of the Matcha set at a glance:

    • Original Japanese organic matcha tea, which is packed in an aroma protection box so that you can enjoy your matcha tea for a long time.
    • Lovingly selected products that are put together in a handsome gift box to form a complete Matcha set
    • A variant for every budget - you will find everything in our range! From the beginner set to the premium matcha set with high-quality, handcrafted original Japanese matcha bowl
    • Price advantages compared to the individual price of the products