Matcha broom holder for a long shelf life of your bamboo broom

The Matcha broom holder is traditionally made of porcelain and is made in Japan "Chasentate" called. He's not just one practical utensil for storing the Matcha broom, but contributes to his retains its typical shape and his Bristles spared become. This will make the Matcha broom particularly long-lasting.

Correct use of the Matcha broom holder

After using the matcha Bamboo broom should this be easy Washed off briefly under lukewarm water will und placed on the Matcha broom holder to dry .

The Matcha broom is placed on the broom holder with the bristles facing downwards, so that the bristles are automatically carefully split open and retain their curved shape.

This gentle storage ensures that the fine Bristles evenly ventilated and can dry optimally, which means that the fine bristles are retained for a long time.

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