Matcha ice cream | Matcha recipe

Matcha ice cream recipe to make yourself Matcha Magic

Why not make matcha ice cream yourself - and to make it happen, here is a delicious matcha ice cream recipe.


200 ml whipped cream
50 ml of warm water
80 g sugar
2 beaten egg yolk
about 2 teaspoon Matcha powder

So that the taste comes into its own, we recommend one Cooking or baking matcha, which is characterized by its intense taste and gives the dishes a bright green coating.


Put the sugar in a larger bowl and mix with the matcha powder. If the mixture does not glow green enough for you, you are welcome to add a little more matcha powder. You can try until the taste and color are as you imagined the Matcha ice cream to be. Then add the warm water and beat with the whisk until the whole thing becomes frothy. Note that sugar and matcha should be combined in such a way that there are no more lumps. Next add the egg yolks and beat vigorously again. The mass should have a nice, creamy consistency. Set this bowl aside for a moment and whip the cream in another tall container until stiff. Now carefully fold the cream into the matcha mixture.

Now the Matcha ice cream can be put in the ice cream machine - here it will set after approx. 30 minutes - or in a suitable container in the freezer compartment. If you want it to be quick, the ice cream maker is an advantage, in the freezer it takes about three to four hours for the ice to set.

A few more recommendations for the Matcha ice cream recipe

If you want the ice to set faster in the freezer, use a flat shape.

This Matcha ice cream can also be made without adding egg yolks. It should be noted here that it may not become as firm in the ice cream machine as in the suggested recipe. Then simply put the Matcha ice cream in the freezer again.

Of course, you can spice up the ice cream as you wish, for example with fruit. You can, for example, stir chopped into your Matcha ice cream, but you can also add it to the finished ice cream sundae. There are no limits to your imagination, try out for yourself how you can refine the Matcha ice cream recipe!

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