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Matcha bowl recipe from Matcha Magic -Delicious Matcha dessert with lots of healthy fruit

Matcha bowl with lots of fruit

Have you bought too much fruit again and wondered what you can do with it? With this matcha bowl recipe, you can use ripe fruit as a dessert and use the fresh pieces as a decoration. When choosing the fruit, matcha powder and sweeteners, simply follow the recommendation that “trying is better than studying”. When you have mixed all the components to your liking, the dessert is as good as done!

Ingredients for your matcha bowl with lots of fruit:

  • 500 g natural yoghurt
  • 500 g Lean quark
  • 500 g fruit (including leftovers)
  • 2 packets of cream powder (e.g. Aranca apricot or passion fruit)
  • 200 ml multivitamin juice or other juice to match the fruit
  • 80 g of sugar, sweetener or birch sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of matcha powder (we recommend Matcha Zen)
  • Fruit, mint, lemon balm, desiccated coconut, almonds or nuts to decorate

The preparation of your delicious Matcha Bowl:

Cut the very ripe fruit of your choice into small cubes and add the quark. When choosing the fruit, make sure that pineapple and kiwi are not allowed in the mass, as they become bitter when chopped.

Put the natural yoghurt together with the cream powder, matcha and juice in a tall container and stir with the mixer according to the instructions. When everything is mixed, beat on the highest level for about 3 minutes. Add this mixture to the quark and fruit mixture. Mix everything together and, depending on the taste of the fruit, sweeten the whole thing a little.

You can already put this delicious matcha dessert in small bowls or in a bowl. Decorate with fruit, coconut, almonds or nuts and some greens, such as mint or lemon balm, and chill for at least three hours (preferably in the freezer). 

You can easily convert the Matcha Bowl recipe into a cake by dividing a cake base, placing part in a matching springform pan and spreading half of the fruit and quark mixture on top. The second part comes on top and is coated with the rest of the mass. As already described above, you can decorate with fruit of your choice, just as you have it at home. Of course, cold spots too. 

You will surely surprise your guests with this fresh cake! Serve the whole thing either as a dessert in pieces of cake or as a treat in the afternoon.

Your team at wishes you lots of fun trying it out Matcha Magic!

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