SENCHA CAPS (Nespresso® compatible)

Matcha Magic-Certified organic-gluten-free-vegan

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Order our composable, nespresso compatible bio now Sencha capsules!

Sencha Caps - premium green tea in the best organic quality

Exquisite organic Sencha Taste from the Japanese prefecture of Kagoshima!

At our Sencha Caps are about Compositable, Nespresso-compatible tea capsules, the each with 1,5g high-quality organic Sencha (Japanese organic green tea) are filled.

The organic tea leaves for the Sencha Caps are on nutrient-rich volcanic soil in southern Japan cultivated in Kagoshima Prefecture, which is known for excellent organic green tea. The fresh spring water in the high tea gardens, the careful cultivation of the tea plants bring the unique, mild Sencha-Taste Hervor.

Only a push of a button is enough to make a delicious Sencha to prepare. Dosing, pouring or frothing is no longer necessary. And the best is that The brewing process can be repeated up to 3 times just like green leaf tea can be infused several times. Simply leave the capsule in the machine and repeat the brewing process. 

Tip: If your machine is also used for coffee, we recommend it an empty brewing process after each coffee to start, for an unadulterated one Sencha to guarantee taste.

Quantity: 10x1,5g

Order now and your delicious organic Sencha prepare in seconds!

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