Matcha Magic-Certified organic-gluten-free-vegan

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High quality organic matcha for cooking and baking

Just a few grams give dishes the typical matcha aroma

Matcha is not only suitable for pure enjoyment and mixed drinks, but also wonderful for cold and warm dishes. This means that almost every dish can be typical green tea aroma as well as an appealing, bright green color.

Our Matcha X has a intense green tea taste and is therefore particularly suitable for use in fine kitchens. Even with a few grams of food the Cook and bake the typical matcha aroma can be imparted. 

Whether starters, main courses, desserts or pastries. The green color of tea makes every dish a real eye-catcher!


Biography Matcha X buy – your benefits at a glance

  • ORIGIN: Original organic matcha from the Japanese prefecture of Kagoshima
  • QUALITY: High organic quality with a light green color 
  • CULTIVATION: Ztwo-step shading of the tea bushes before harvest and sgentle grinding to fine organic matcha powder
  • BIO: 100% organic from controlled organic cultivation (organic certification by the organic inspection body: DE-ÖKO-022)
  • TASTE: Intense green teaTaste
  • PREPARATION: Ideal for cooking and baking
  • STORAGE: Available in 100g aluminum composite bags with zip closure 

Order now and give your dishes that special matcha flavor!

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