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Discover our patented ones now Matcha Needles!

Matcha Needles - Pressed matcha tea for multiple tea infusions

Infuse matcha tea several times with our patented Matcha Needles!

In the southernmost part of Japan on Kyushu, the tea leaves for the Japan Matcha Needles on nutrient-rich volcanic soil cultivated. Fresh spring water and the secluded location of the tea gardens in the mountain region produce bright green tea leaves (tencha), which are ground into the finest matcha powder.

In a patented process becomes this high quality organic matcha processed into a mass with fresh spring water and pressed into fine strands ("needles").

Japan Matcha Needles offering all the advantages of a conventional matcha preparation and the without any bamboo whisk. In contrast to classic matcha powder, our Matcha Needles due to the patented manufacturing process, pour several times. Up to 3 infusions are possible. The needles stay on the ground and dissolve very slowly.

This is how you prepare yours Matcha Needles zu

  • Matcha infusion: Pour 1 - 2 level teaspoons with 80 ° C hot water, let it steep for 1 minute and stir briefly. Leave the needles that settle on the bottom in the cup. So you can easily prepare up to 5 infusions.
  • Cold Brew Matcha: Add at least 5 level teaspoons to one liter of cold water and leave to steep in the refrigerator overnight. Before consumption, stir briefly and drain through a sieve.

Why do the needles not have an organic label?

The pressed Matcha tea that is processed in the needles is of high organic quality. This means that the tea comes from an organic tea field and is processed into powder in a certified organic manner. However, our manufacturer, who produces the needles for us, is not yet certified organic.

Order now and immerse yourself in the fascinating tea culture of Japan!

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