MATCHA CAPS (Nespresso® compatible)

Matcha Magic-Certified organic-gluten-free-vegan

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Recyclable Matcha Caps for yours Nespresso® machine

Delicious matcha with the finest, emerald green foam at the push of a button!

That was how fast the matcha went Method never! With just one push of a button you can now prepare your Matcha in seconds. The caps are nespresso® compatible and therefore fit into all Nespresso® machines.

Put in each of the 10 Matcha Caps 1,5g organic matcha powder from Japan. Organic tea leaves for the Matcha Caps on nutrient-rich volcanic soil in southern Japan in Kagoshima Prefecture cultivated. The fresh spring water in the high-altitude tea gardens, the careful cultivation with subsequent shading and the Elaborate grinding on traditional granite stone mills bring out the unique Matcha taste.

The result of this simple preparation is amazing: a delicious matcha with the finest, emerald green foam. Depending on your taste, you can prepare your Matcha as Koicha (less water - similar to espresso) or Usucha (longer - more water).

Matcha preparation at the push of a button

  • Tip 1: For a Matcha Latte Tea, froth the milk beforehand and pour it into the cup. Then just put it in the machine and the Matcha Latte is ready at the push of a button!
  • Tip 2: If your machine is also used for coffee, we recommend starting an empty brewing process after each coffee in order to guarantee an unadulterated Matcha taste.

Quantity: 10x1,5g

Order now and rediscover traditional Japanese tea culture!

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