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Shapely bamboo whisk with 80 fine bristles for a perfect matcha head!

Matcha brooms from Japan: whip up your matcha powder

The Matcha broom is lovingly handcrafted in Japan and is an absolute must for authentic Matcha preparation!

You prepare a simple tea as an infusion. A lot of ingredients are lost in the process. Matcha tea is still prepared according to Japanese tradition today. By whipping the powder in the water, the Matcha whisk creates an intensely green tea with a very special aroma. In order to be able to enjoy the matcha tea properly, you should not do without the matcha broom. This little one shapely brooms shall made of bamboo produced. He owns a total of 80 fine bristles and is called Chasen in his homeland.

The result of painstaking manual work

With every Matcha broom you choose one really unique, because in Japan he still will made by hand. So that it can develop its optimal effect, you have to use this broom correctly. Due to the many bristles that the Matcha broom has, the powder is optimally distributed in the water. This in turn promotes an intense and aromatic taste.

This is how you use the Matcha broom correctly

The use of the Matcha broom requires a little practice, but usually works very quickly. First you hold the broom loosely. It is best to guide it between your index and ring fingers. The thumb provides additional support. In a vertical zigzag you finally guide the Matcha broom through the water. The easiest way to achieve this unusual movement is to imagine a W in the water. You repeat this movement until you reach the surface of the tea typical foam for matcha tea can be seen. He is airy and particularly creamy. As soon as the foam can be seen, the green tea powder has been optimally distributed in the water.

Clean matcha brooms

To clean the bamboo whisk after the tea ceremony, hold it briefly under lukewarm water after frothing and wash away the last remnants of matcha tea. Under no circumstances should the Matcha broom go in the dishwasher! After rinsing, you put the bamboo broom on one of them Matcha broom holder. This way your Matcha broom stays in good shape and maintains its function.

Tip: So that the bristles do not break off when you hit them frequently, always put the broom briefly in the hot tea water beforehand. The bamboo wood absorbs moisture and the bristles become much more flexible.

Order now and immerse yourself in the fascinating tea culture of Japan!

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