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Original Japanese Matcha spoon made of high quality bamboo!

Matcha spoon for dosing the matcha powder

Traditional handcraft from Japan for the perfect dosage of your Matcha tea!

The matcha spoon is approx. 18 cm long and will traditionally made by hand. The Matcha spoon is first carved from a piece of bamboo and then bent into its spoon shape over hot steam. The bamboo spoon, also called chashaku in Japan, is the traditional tool for the optimal dosage of the Matcha powder.

The narrow shape of the bamboo spoon makes it ideal for taking the matcha powder out of the tea caddy and holds approx. 1 gram of matcha powder. Thus, depending on your taste, contain 1-2 heaped bamboo spoons just the right amount of tea for the preparation of your matcha.

Order now and immerse yourself in the fascinating tea culture of Japan!

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