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Matcha bowl in traditional Japanese natural design

Our Matcha bowl "Kashiwa" is a Japanese original that is hand-molded and hand-glazed in a well-known studio in Gifu Prefecture. This lovingly handcrafted production means that each of these bowls is truly unique and unique in shape and color! What is particularly striking is the natural design of the bowl, which we offer on the one hand with a beautiful leaf design and on the other hand with a delicate flower pattern.

The Matcha bowl "Kashiwa" is turned on a classic pottery wheel made of natural clay into the traditional dojime shape for Matcha bowls. As a result, the tea bowl has a flat base, which is ideal for whipping the Matcha powder with the Matcha brooms suitable is. In addition, the Matcha bowl has comparatively thick outer walls so that the Matcha tea can develop its full taste and is also protected from cooling. Particularly noteworthy is the deliberately misshapen edge of the bowl, which is reminiscent of the hilly landscape of Japan on the one hand, but also reflects the beauty of the natural imperfection, which is called "Wabi Sabi" in Japan, on the other.

Both bowls have a diameter of approx. 12,5 cm and a height of approx. 7,5 cm. The capacity is approx. 400ml.

Japanese Matcha bowl Kashiwa 

Origin: Japan (Gifu Prefecture)
Studio: Handcrafted in well-known Japanese studio in Mino
Shape: Dojime shape
Color & glaze: natural design
Dimensions: height approx. 7,5 cm, diameter approx. 12,5 cm
Weight: approx 360 grams
Capacity: approx. 400ml


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